riverfront test

Riverfront, opening scene – matte painting test

30/05/2013 – No.203 official podcast

Have a listen to our podcast about the film, recently created by Gareth Maggs our sound designer. Included are some interviews with the crew and some comments on the soundscape, as well as a few sample clips for your ears.


‘Number 203’ is an up-and-coming Sci-Fi short film of 2013 filmed in and around London. It primarily draws influence from Orwell’s 1984 and 1980’s Blade Runner science fiction style. Due to be completed in June 2013 we are powering ahead with production all the way to the festival circuit. We are currently still fundraising to cover the costs of the production.


As independent film-makers, we really need your help in order to fund the project’s success. If you would like to make a donation – please follow the easy and secure steps after clicking the film’s Paypal Donation above.

Please do consider making a donation, however small. Every bit helps us towards our goal.

Details on what your donations will go towards and what rewards are on offer can be easily accessed by clicking the “Donations Information” button in the navigation menu. Please feel free to explore our website and get an idea of not only what your contribution goes towards, but also a bit about who we are, the film we are making, what inspires us and our history as young filmmakers.

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